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Taiza Fishing Port fresh seafood landing on that day at the Taiza Fishing Port

  • "Local Seafood Menu" which was caught in Taiza Fishing Port landing

    Taiza owner, who is also a broker of the Taiza port, buys fresh local fish at the straw every day.
    With eyes that he cultivated for many years, he sees the material of the season and bids himself.
    The local fish that you dropped seri lined up to your table on that day.

    "I want you to enjoy the real freshness"
    Therefore, we will strictly adhere to the ingredients of the dish.
    In addition, it is possible to offer abalone, scallop and red sea urchin Jukaitei fish fishing "Jukaitei".
    Unlike what you get with a ship, there are no scratches and it is only a sure thing.
  • The king of the taste of winter "When the bliss that tastes Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"

    The highest-class brand of "Taiza Crab" of Matsuba crab, which is captured off the Tango Peninsula Cape Cape, boasts outstanding freshness which was live while living on that day.
    It is a blissful time that you can taste the "king of winter taste" called "phantom crab" because it is acquired with a small boat of only 5 ships.
    We will offer only "Taiza Crab" carefully selected with the eyes that the owner, who is also a middle broker of the port, has cultivated over many years of experience.
    ※The crab plan is seasonal limited from November 7 to the end of March of the following year.

    ~Taiza Crab?~
    Imami Taiza Crab (Takahagi) is famous as "a phantom crab" as you know.As for why (a phantom crab), the crab is excellent in freshness at a small fishing port day trip, and it does not compare with other crabs such as sweet taste and how to tighten.There is not too much trapping amount so we can not eat inside of the local people.
    Many also in magazines, television, etc., are taken up as visionary crabs.
    • 【2 cups Taiza Crab careful selection】In response to customer's voice 2 cups of Taiza Crab with 2 people in your favorite way to eat!

      From 45360 yen to 50760 yen
      Period available:
      11/7 to 3/25
  • Natural 'black abalone' caught by Taiza

    Taiza the natural "black abalone" caught by an Taiza with sashimi and dancing.
    What we will offer at the hotel is a superb natural black abalone that is tempered by the waves of the Sea of ​​Japan, its shell is small and its body is thick.
    The taste and feel that confined the scent of the iso and the umami of seafood tightly spread in the mouth.
    If it is sashimi you will find the texture of colicoli, if you dance you will enjoy the taste of natural black abalone.
  • Kyoto Tamba Beef& Kuroge Wagyu Beef

    In addition to fish dishes, the hotel also offers a plan that uses carefully selected Tamba Beef"Tamba Beef" and plan to taste Kuroge Wagyu beef.

    Tamba Beef Kyoto's "Izutsuya" is characterized by fine marbling and the texture melting in the mouth is exquisite.Please taste it with rock salt or special sauce.

    Please enjoy carefully selected black cattle with shabu-shabu or black sashimi with Japanese beef broiled sushi.Wagyu beef is not concerned with the production area, we will offer delicious meat with good condition at that time!
    Please enjoy delicious plenty of Kuroge Wagyu beef in luxuriously with shabu-shabu and meat sushi.
  • Luxuriously "Shrimp" which was landed at the Taiza Fishing Port

    Taiza Fishing Port shrimp landed in an Taiza Fishing Port, sometimes there are times when oversized ground prawns exceeding 20 cm are landing, some rare gems are picked up only a few but are sweeter than button shrimps, sweet shrimp and sweet shrimp You can enjoy sweetness and mellow texture that you can not imagine from the appearance, such as white shrimp that is said to be.
    (Please understand that the type of shrimp will change according to the season.)
  • "Phantom red sea urchin" caught by an Taiza

    "Red sea urchin" caught by a Taiza who is the highest grade item among sea urchins.
    All "red sea urchins" used at the hotel are not used alum.
    Because it smells if it is not fresh, it is the most delicious to break the living things and eat it immediately.

    The rich taste and sweetness that melts in your mouth are "special taste that you can not forget if you eat", and the taste of happiness spreads in your mouth.
    Many repeaters come to this "Jukaitei" every year for the sea urchin of this season.
    • "Phantom red sea urchin" caught by an Taiza is a rich taste.

      22680 yen to 36720 yen
      Period available:
      7/1 to 8/19
  • Large ocean milk "Rock oyster" with prepuri

    Tango Peninsula large grain "rock oyster" with a prepuri to be lodged at Maizuru port in the Tango Peninsula a taste of summer which can be enjoyed for a limited time from Tango's early summer to the summer.
    "Rock oysters" called "sea milk" because it is thick and creamy.
    Please feel tasty with raw as you feel the scent of the island so that you can feel the sweetness to the utmost in your mouth!
    • Please enjoy a rock oyster of a large grain body season. Tango's fresh seafood × luxury to taste rock oysters without leaving

      18900 yen to 32940 yen
      Period available:
      5/7 to 8/19