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  2. Passion of a Taiza Crab

Passion of a Taiza Crab

  • Boiled crab

    The crab prosecutor always said "Please boil it".
    About it, a boiled crab of "a Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"Maboroshi no Taiza Crab becoming addictive if you eat it once.
    It is a rich crab miso, a body packed with umami, an exquisite taste.
  • Grilled crab

    Grilled crab with charcoal fires, baked grilled quickly with a powerful firepower is exquisite.
    The hotel's crabs are prepared in a way that makes the way of fire exquisite.
    A smiling face spills in spite unexpectedly if it contains baked crab, crab turning into crimson mouth.
  • Crab stab

    Taiza Crab and sweetness live in silky fibers of the crime.
    First of all, please eat it without anything, please feel the taste of the crab.
    Next, put on special sauce of passion to make use of the material and eat it.
  • Rich Crab Miso

    As for the thick Taiza Crab, crab miso taste unforgettable if you eat it once.
    There are many customers who repeat for this purpose.
    Taiza Crab the crab miso of an Taiza Crab once.
  • Crab Shabu

    Put the raw crab through the soup of the boiling pot, and the body opens like a flower bud blooms.
    Taste of luxury winter when put in your mouth.
    After having enjoyed the crabs, please enjoy tasty Chinese cabbage and tofu in the soup of plenty of crab flavor.
  • Korazake

    Crab lovers and Korazake is an irresistible dish to your thirsty.
    Crab flavor gathers on the finest sake originating from Tangotoji, followed by an exquisite taste.
    The harmony between sake brewed after Drinking place tango and rich crab miso is exquisite.
  • Wild cooking

    Speaking of the last pleasures of the crab pot, crab wild cooking.
    Incorporate the taste of the material firmly into rice, add eggs, chopped laver and scallion flavor.
    I can enjoy the taste of the deaf, which is suitable for tightening of Taiza Crab vision.