【8 pairs a day only】Hidden inn with a superb view for adults the journey of "gastronomic" and "superb view" spending in Hidden inn with a superb view for adults
~ August 1, 2020★New open of Taiza terrace "My Sunshine" - 2019 April 27★New view bath of reopening! ~

【Official】Delicious foods directly from the sea Jukai-tei in Taiza

"I want you to taste the real freshness" Work of the fish craft to cook with that whole heart

Adults-only accommodation where you can receive the hospitality of 'limited to 8 pairs a day' on the hill which overlooks Sea of ​​Japan in Taiza in the Kyotango · Sea of ​​Japan in Taiza.
"Fresh sea grandfather's grandfather" gets fresh sea urchin, abalone and scallop, "pesticide-free vegetables raised by" vegetable grandmother "
"The owner of the master of the eyes" bid off themselves, and the dishes cooked with full heart are one of the attractions.
Taiza Fishing Port and plan to enjoy the fresh local fish and Kyoto Tamba Beef that have been landed in the Taiza Fishing Port, sea urchin and abalone, plenty incorporates's plan grace of the Sea of Taiza such as Iwagaki (oyster)
"Phantom of Taiza Crab plan and ground shrimp to enjoy the luxury, offer a variety of plan, such as specialties plan with a focus on Kuroge Wagyu Beef, you can choose to your liking.
You can enjoy the warmth that makes me want to say "I'm home", the nostalgic country style, and the delicious deliciousness of Tango's plentiful taste.

About measures of new coronavirus measures

  • About measures of new coronavirus measures

    〈Efforts for new coronavirus measures〉
    1, We are thoroughly managing the physical condition of all staff.
    2.We thoroughly implement general infection control measures such as hand washing, gargle, and cough etiquette.
    3, all employees wear masks.
    4, Public space where unspecified number of people come and go
    (Lobby tables and chairs, elevators, vending machines, doorknobs, handrails, etc.) are regularly sterilized.
    5, Next to the front desk, we have installed an antiseptic solution for customers to use.
    6, The hospitality staff thoroughly disinfects fingers when moving to a room or entering a restaurant.
    We also sterilize it in the backyard and office.

August 2020 Taiza terrace "My Sunshine" NewOpen!

  • August 2020 Taiza terrace "My Sunshine" NewOpen!

    In the hotel "Jukaitei" in August 2020
    Taiza terrace "My Sunshine" will NewOpen!

    While enjoying the view of the blue Taiza of people, please enjoy the scenery with your loved ones.
    This cafe is open not only to hotel guests but also to the general public.

Renewal opening on April 27, 2019★New view bath of guest room!

  • April 27, 2019★New view bath of guest room is renewed opening!

    April 27, 2019★New view bath of guest room is renewed opening!
    We renovate all guest room baths of 8 rooms and become modern style thing from hot spring bath!

    Since this renewal will change the ground glass, which has been requested by many customers.
    I think you will be able to see the beautiful views of the Sea of Japan and the sunset, which changes every moment.

    The design of the bath is "sea breeze" that expresses fresh green trees
    The concept is "the setting sun" that expresses the setting sun, and all eight rooms are different.
    I hope you enjoy it!

Limited to Winter, A gem of a gem, "Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"

  • The king of the taste of winter which the fishermen captured by a fishing boat of only 5 ships and a life "Taiza Crab vision"

    It is the highest-class brand of "Taiza Crab" of Matsuba crab, which is caught offshore Kyogamisaki off the coast of Tango Peninsula by about 40 kilometers, boasts outstanding freshness which was live while living on that day.
    The green tag is a proof of "Taiza Crab crab" and it is called "phantom crab" because it operates with only five small boats, because the catch is small.
    Clogging is satisfactory "It is different from other crabs" "A gem of a gem that has many fans for celebrities and chefs, being admired that" Once you eat it you can not forget ".
    Jukaitei, we carefully selected and dropped only the Taiza Crab carefully selected by the Jukaitei who was also a broker of the Jukaitei Taiza Fishing Port with the experience that he cultivated over many years of experience, cooking and offering.
    ※The crab plan is in the winter (seasonal only from November 7 until the end of March of the following year)

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