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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

    For customers who are considering visiting the museum

    Thank you for considering staying with us.

    Even if you come to our inn, we will takeContinue reading
  • "GOTO Travel Campaign Discount" starts today!

    7/30, "GOTO Travel Campaign Discount" has started on Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, and Ikkyu.com from today!
    This facility has been approved byContinue reading
  • High chair

    Q. Do you have a high chair when you take a bath (new view bath in guest room)?

    A. Yes.(Please contact the front desk.)
  • About accommodation of children

    Q, Can children stay?

    A, you can not.Children under 13 years old are not accepted as this facility is an adult accommodation concept. PleasContinue reading
  • No smoking allowed inside the building

    Q. Is the whole building smoke-free?

    A. This is a non smoking hotel.You can not suck in rooms, lobbies, restaurants as well.
    (There is a smContinue reading
  • Day trip lunch plan

    Q. Do you have lunch on a day trip?

    A. Yes.(We have local fish plan, crab plan and seafood rice bowls.)
     Currently it is a perfect reservatContinue reading
  • Use at wheelchair

    Q. Can I use it in a wheelchair?

    A. The hotel can be used in wheelchair, but can not be used in the room.(Lobby etc are acceptable)
     We areContinue reading
  • About pickup

    Q. Is there a service for pick-up service?

    A. Yes.(Please contact nearest Amino Station) → Please inform the arrival time in advance.
  • About clothes in the facility (at mealtimes)

    Q. Can I wear clothes in the facility for private clothes?

    A. You can wear private clothes at your facility, even in a yukata or work clothContinue reading
  • "Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"

    Q, "I want to eat"Taiza Crab vision! "

    A, we will ban on 6th November.
    We are preparing many plan using "Maboroshi no Taiza Crab" at our hoContinue reading
  • vessel

    Q, I want a cute instrument!

    A, you can purchase at the souvenir shop next to the lobby
    (Please enjoy ourselves with cute vessels embodyingContinue reading
  • New view bath in guest room

    Q, I'd like to take a bath in the air!

    A. There are no hot springs or public baths at our hotel, "Jukaitei"
    However, the guest room has a nContinue reading
  • Dining Hall

    Q, I'm eating breakfast in the room at night and morning, but I would like to eat rice ...

    A, We do not currently have room meals at this fContinue reading
  • Assorted sashimi

    Q, I want to make luxury cooking sashimi!

    A, we will upgrade from the extra charge ¥ 3240 with the amount you wish
  • Yukata

    Q, Can you lend a yukata yukata for free? What?

    A, of course, I will lend it for free.Although it is limited for women, "Yukata" is availabContinue reading
  • Kyoto Tamba Beef Steak

    Q, I want to eat meat besides fish, but ...

    A, we will prepare Kyoto Tamba Beef steak with extra charge ¥ 2160 to (80 g).
  • Grandpa

    Q, I want to talk with grandpa!

    A, There are many times when you are diving into the ocean, so please feel free to ask the staff.

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