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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 【Use at wheelchair】

    Q. Can I use it in a wheelchair?

    A. The hotel can be used in wheelchair, but can not be used in the room.(Lobby etc are acceptable)
     We areContinue reading
  • 【High chair】

    Q. Do you have a high chair when you take a bath (new view bath in guest room)?

    A. Yes.(Please contact the front desk.)
  • 【About clothes in this facility】(mealtime)

    Q. Can I wear clothes in the facility for private clothes?

    A. You can wear private clothes at your facility, even in a yukata or work clothContinue reading
  • 【Day trip lunch plan】

    Q. Do you have lunch on a day trip?

    A.We do have a crab season.(November to March)
     It is a complete reservation system, so please call 077Continue reading
  • 【About pickup】

    Q. Is there a service for pick-up service?

    A. Yes.(To the nearest Amino Station)
    →Since the pick-up service is fixed, please let us know thContinue reading
  • 【No smoking allowed inside the building】

    Q. Is the whole building smoke-free?

    A. This is a non smoking hotel.
    You can not suck in rooms, lobbies, restaurants as well.
    (There is a sContinue reading
  • 【About staying with children】

    Q, Can children stay?

    A, you can not.
    Since this facility is based on the concept of an adult inn, we do not accept children under the age Continue reading
  • 【What is "Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"? 】

    Q, I want to eat "Taiza Crab"!

    A,◆Taiza Crab?◆
    Taiza Crab is also famous as a "phantom crab".The reason why it is called "phantom crab" is Continue reading
  • 【About the bath】

    Q、What kind of baths are there?

    A. There are no hot springs or public baths at our hotel, "Jukaitei"
    However, the guest room has a new viewContinue reading
  • 【About the restaurant】

    Q、Where do you have dinner and breakfast?

    A. At this facility, dinner and breakfast will be served in the semi-private room Restaurant "KaiContinue reading
  • 【Yukata rental】

    Q, Can you lend a yukata yukata for free? What?

    A, of course, I will lend it for free.Although it is limited for women, "Yukata" is availabContinue reading

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