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Eat fresh Taiza seafood landed at Taiza Fishing Port

  • "Local Seafood Menu" which was caught in Taiza Fishing Port landing

    【Freshly caught from Taiza Fishing Port"Local Seafood Menu"】
    About 30 years of experience as a broker at Taiza Port, the owner buys fresh Taiza local fish almost every day.
    With a discerning eye that has been cultivated over many years, he sees through seasonal ingredients and bids on them himself.
    The local fish that you dropped seri lined up to your table on that day.

    "I want you to enjoy the real freshness"
    Therefore, we will strictly adhere to the ingredients of the dish.
    Another appeal of Jukaitei is the ability to offer abalone, turban Pink sea urchin caught by free-diving.
    Unlike those caught by ship, there are no scratches and the quality is reliable.
    • 【Freshly caught from Taiza Fishing Port"Local Seafood Menu"】

      Period available:
      All Year
  • Natural 'black abalone' caught by Taiza

    【Taiza caught natural"Black abalone"】
    We eat wild black abalone caught in Taiza as sashimi, dance-grilled, and butter-grilled.

    What we will offer at the hotel is a superb natural black abalone that is tempered by the waves of the Sea of ​​Japan, its shell is small and its body is thick.
    The taste and feel that confined the scent of the iso and the umami of seafood tightly spread in the mouth.
    If it is sashimi you will find the texture of colicoli, if you dance you will enjoy the taste of natural black abalone.
    • 【Taiza caught natural"Black abalone"】

      Period available:
      All Year
  • The king of the taste of winter "When the bliss that tastes Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"

    【The king of the taste of winter "When the bliss that tastes Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"】
    Taiza Crab is also famous as a "phantom crab".
    The reason why it's called "phantom crab" is because it's only found in small fishing ports and fishing boats... The crabs are caught on a day trip by only 5 small boats, so the freshness is excellent, and the sweetness and firmness of the crabs are incomparable to other crabs.
    In recent years, it is called "phantom crab" because of its rarity, especially because the catch is small and the price continues to rise.
    Many magazines, TV, etc. have been taken up as a "phantom crab".
    The fishing season is from November 6th until March 20th, and you can eat it only during this limited time of the year.
    We would like customers who come to Jukaitei Taiza Crab...
    We offer only "Taiza Crab" carefully selected by our master, who is also a broker of Taiza Port, with his long experience.

    Crab lovers will groan at this "Taiza Crab" once.

    ※The crab plan is only available in winter from around November 10th to the end of March of the following year.
    ※In the unlikely event that there is no fishing and we cannot prepare a man-made Taiza Crab, we will replace it with another tagged crab.
    • 【King of Great Winter Food"Maboroshi no Taiza Crab"】

      Period available:
      From around 11/10 to around 3/20
  • Selected by the Chief Chef"Live Matsuba crab"

    【Selected by the Chief Chef"Live Matsuba crab"】
    The king of winter tastes"Live Matsuba crab"
    At this facility, you can enjoy "Live Matsuba Crab" carefully selected by the owner who has been a broker for about 30 years!

    Please enjoy the original elegant taste and sweetness of crab that you can enjoy because it is a live crab that is alive until just before cooking.
    Rich crab miso, crab sashimi with loose fibers, fragrant and sweet grilled crab, etc...

    Please enjoy the meat and deliciousness of large-sized Matsuba crab that you can never taste with small Matsuba crab.

    ※It is not a Taiza Crab.(If you wish, please be sure to make a reservation with the Majin Crab Plan)
    • 【Selected by the Chief Chef"Live Matsuba crab"】

      Period available:
      From around 11/10 to around 3/20
  • "Kyoto Tamba Beef Steak"

    【Kyoto Tamba Beef Steak】
    In addition to fish dishes, this facility also offers plan that uses carefully selected Kyoto Tamba Premium Beef"Tamba Beef".
    Tamba Beef Kyoto's "Izutsuya" is characterized by fine marbling and the texture melting in the mouth is exquisite.Please taste it with rock salt or special sauce.
    • 【Kyoto Tamba Beef Steak】

      Period available:
      All Year
  • Large ocean milk "Iwagaki (oyster)" with Iwagaki (oyster)

    【Plump and large grains of sea milk"Iwagaki (oyster)"】
    Taste that can be enjoyed for a limited time from early summer to summer in Tango【Iwagaki (oyster)】

    At this facility, we use plump and large “Iwagaki (oyster)” that are landed at Maizuru port on Tango Peninsula.
    Iwagaki (oyster) are something that sea women and fishermen get in the ocean and get it.Because of that, we can not fish in winter and it will not be on the market.
    The price is soaring because mass production is not possible, but the grain is large and has a rich taste.
    It is called "milk of the sea" because it is rich and creamy.

    At this facility, you can enjoy the flavor of the ocean so that you can enjoy the sweetness in your mouth as it is, dipped in ponzu sauce.
    • 【Plump and large grains of sea milk"Iwagaki (oyster)"】

      Period available:
      From the end of April to the end of August
  • caught by Taiza"Phantom red sea urchin"

    【caught by Taiza"Phantom red sea urchin"】
    "Red sea Taiza" caught in Taiza, which is the highest grade of sea urchin

    All the red sea urchins used at this facility do not use alum.
    Therefore, if it is not fresh, it will smell bad, so it is best to eat it immediately after breaking it one by one on the same day.
    Melt-in-your-mouth rich flavor and sweetness thanks to no alum
    "Once you eat it, you'll never forget it."

    During this limited summer season, many repeat customers come to Jukaitei every year for the red sea urchin.
    Everyone, please enjoy eating once.
    • 【caught by Taiza"Phantom red sea urchin"】

      Period available:
      July/January to mid-August
  • Called the best in Japan"Tango Fulvia Mutica"

    【Tango Fulvia Mutica】
    Tango Fulvia mutica, which is only available from early summer to summer, is also called a "phantom Fulvia mutica" and is two to three times as large as ordinary Fulvia mutica.
    Tango Fulvia mutica, which has been carefully cultivated in the nutritious Miyazu Bay and Maizuru Bay for a year, is also useful in high-class restaurants and sushi restaurants in the city. It is said to be the best chicken shell in Japan because of its rarity.
    Please enjoy the local taste of "Tango
    • 【Tango Fulvia Mutica】

      Period available:
      Early May to mid-July